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Monday, April 17, 2006

Getting back to work...

Monday April 17th, 2006 -- BACK TO WORK......

It's monday the holiday of easter is past and I'm back to the my daily grind anew in a few hours getting ready to meet people - do my job and make all those wonderful observations from overseas for people who still are twevel hours behind me in time on the east coast of the USA.

So whats a typical day of getting around for myself like going to offices and getting the facts together for a story can never really be seen as easy at time.

Sure we have to go through those checks and ID inspections and patdowns every k\now and then but sometimes it can be a bit of a routine one can often whish one didnt have to go through after a holiday of overeating!

I mean going through a pat-down check - and someone says- hey- this wasn't here before last week when you came by this way sir.
"Excuse me... but you don't have a double- err... almost triple chin you have now in this picture!"

So lastly I leave you with the image of a little traffic that most likely will be full on monday!

I hope you enjoyed the vacation time - because it's monday and time to work and get back to the flow of things and everything goes back to the normal abnormal whatever your work may be!

I'll come up with weekend ideas next post- the nice thing about going back to work is it inspires you to think of new ways to goof off when a chance comes.

Happy Easter all!


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